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  @home   STEALTH HIP HOP CONFERENCE | OCT 24-26 SYDNEY 2002    right?
Mark Pollard

... presented by Triple J
/3 Days of free, all-ages panels and workshops at UTS

/Film screening - FREESTYLE The art of Rhyme (Thurs 24)

/BATTLE NIGHT MCs, DJs, Beatboxers, Breakers, MPC Battle (Fri 25 at the Metro - main room)

/CULTURE OF KINGS LAUNCH 12 groups from around the country (Sat 26 Gaelic Club, Surry Hills)




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  o-ii-shi! Hip Hop Event    
Hiphop Jam happening in Sydney on the 9th of February. At the Dendy bar 10PM. Limited capacity so get your tickets now from Next Level or Central Station records. You can still get there and play an extra 7 dollars to get in at the door. Worthwhile going its been happening for sometime, but its not on often so its worth the attendance.
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  Click flyer for original details.


  #HipHop Shoutcast Radio    
  Two times a week we should have a 2+ hour HipHop radio show in the evening. Shoutcasted through the internet by our own users, tune into the IP when advertised in the channel. On Sunday nights 8-10pm and Wednesday nights from 7-9pm.

INFO; primarily rap, r&b, breaks, drum&bass & oldschool (inc. electro, house & funk). Currently T-101 & DJ Shruggz are enlisted to broadcast, if you'd like to join the broadcasting team contact one of the broadcasters on IRC or send an email. Preferably broadcasters will have broadband connection & a wide variety of music. We aim to play non-common songs that you wouldn't normally catch on the radio with some Australian & International Hip-Hop. Request will also be open and favourite artists listed on the #HH channel page.
    Welcome Back & We're Back!    
  Welcome to all the new #HH heads. The new year on the cyber side for myself had a really slow start. Lost a host that works with this site for submissions, lost the net for a week. To top it off I was also barred from one of the more entertaining sections of the net known to be multiplayer gaming. Tossed it all away and went on a short holiday.

2002 {new things to come}

  Erected & Selected [5.November.2001]    
    There is a number of developments in progress that deserve mention. Members section has been updated along with the new events section, where you'll be able to find current flyers & ticket scans from previous jams. Other developments in progress are a streaming radio show for the users of this channel. If your interested in broadcasting let me know, however you will need a broadband connection to upstream. Would also be nice to find a streaming server with a permanent resolving name. Plan right now is to have 2 shows per week each lasting an hour or two.

On another note some other mentions are;
* GodofWar's cipher mp3 script that you can download from here=> /cipher.html
* Musical achievements by KOMPRESSOR! If you haven't heard of Kompressor then your simply missing on one of this years coolest artists. Educational, Intellectual, Energetic, Electric are some of the key words that fit into the realm of Kompression. You can check out Kompressor at the link below. Better yet download his tracks;


Some top tracks are:
KOMPRESSOR - Destroy Mass Media (anti mass media song)
KOMPRESSOR - We Must Destroy X10.mp3 (ever had this annoying pop up x10? I think we all have)
KOMPRESSOR - KOMPRESSOR Does Not Dance (No Glowsticks, teeny boppers run because Kompressor is coming)
KOMPRESSOR - Vitamins are good (highly educational)
KOMPRESSOR - Adding up Numbers (learn to add & enjoy numbers with this easy to sing-a-long song)

Support Kompressor, he is against internet advertising like yourselves. Anti-X10 along with other pop ups that will make you hate them equally.

[21:01] <case_one> pop-ups are gay
[21:09] <T-101> pop-ups are an attack to my private time and space, so I declare war!
[21:10] <f0rge> uhh not much they used to shit me but i just close them now
[21:10] <|Vampyre|> i hate them
[21:34 <supr-pkr> pop-ups suck!

Update Quarters reporting soon;
Artist of the month | Classic Artist of the month | channel stats may need to be held up because the log system was switched to once a month per log so it could be easy to update.


    Finally, The #HipHop IRC Website of OZ    
 What more could I say..

I wouldn't be here today, if the oldschool didin't pave the way..
Welcome to #HipHop IRC website of Australia. It's about time we got a site happening for the channel. It took quite sometime for the channel to finally be officially registered with the oz.org communitiy of channels. I think we could all agree that IRC is well known to be the time extractor of online chatting, most of it consisting of people wanting to pick up and typical lameness exhibited by most of the users. Tiresome conversations and annoying queries such as asl?

#HipHop is not about that, it's the underground channel of the irc. A community living beneath the line of most fit yet a level above the negativity that irc potrays. Created for those who have a familiarity with the scene and all it has to offer from music to art this channel fits in that small percentage of the non-typical channels. Also out there if your a parent, conservative worker or judgmental talker. We'll hear you out.
    This months Artist [1.October.2001]      Linkage
    Every end of the month we'll pick an artist of that month. They have to have fresh release and we'll also give a memorable tribute to a classic artist.
This months artist happens to be Jay-Z with his new release Blueprint, check it out.
Jay-Z, NYC Brooklyn rapper has some fanatic lyrics in a well spoken style, which makes his style unique and popular with the beats combined in this album, this is a definite success and a hot item for your inventory.

[info byte] Jay-Z went to school with Biggie & Busta Rhymes

Reviewer: tommy B from Morrisville, NC United States
The blueprint!! where to start, i highly recommend picking this album up. jay has a classic here! the lyrics and beats through out the entire album are solid! no cash money garbage and bling bling trash! jay speaks from the streets and talks about times as a youth growing up in the ghetto. he also addresses such issues as politics, in renegade a duet with eminem. if you liked jays old stuff... like reasonable doubt, or vol.1! you'll love this!

Also check out:

Jay-Z - The Best of Jay Z pt. 1
Jay-Z - The Best of Jay Z pt. 2
Jay-Z - The Dynasty, Roc La Familia

DJ Clue - The Professional


The Classic Artist of this month is Snow from Canada, known by his famous hit Informer back in 1993. Snow has an original style by combining his fast rap lyrics with a twist of reggae. Snow followed another hit single Girl I've been hurt on his 12 inches of snow album release.


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    Hiphop Debate Column    
    Today's debate is about Athlete Mike Tyson - Guilty or Not?. Already world famous boxer Iron Mike Tyson with properties of a gentleman or gentle giant if you like and a voice so sweet who couldn't hurt a fly is on his 3rd rape conviction.
Do you think Mike Tyson is really a rapist and savage outside the boxing ring?
Have you heard and listened to him and the people that know him or just seen the media? Does he really need to rape with all his fame and finance, or are the cases just gold diggers.

Your opinion is welcome, just fill in the dets and send. Your entry will be revised by a the webmaster and appear soon.

Submissions currently don't work [script is offline]! ?-> email them instead

Your Name....:




Latest comments;

Monday, November 12, 2001

man mike tyson wouldnt need to rape a bitch, hes a fucken animal....but any bitch would fuck him, hes black and has cash....what more would a bitch want....a white guy with cash.....nar, too many. mike tyson is just being dun the fuck over by these fucken chicken head gold diggers.


Friday, October 26, 2001
YES &^#@%
He is a feral bastard. He eats ears n stuff :/ So yeah- I reckon he is capable of rape because he is one violent fothermucker
 cu bai! :D


bafbaf, Tuesday, October 16, 2001
wim@bozelie.nl, http://www.bozelie.nl

He is/was  a good boxer and nothing more....
But money can change people and......
Maybe it wasn't him but if you eat somebody's ear ????
I don't know but  I won't wonder if it was him...

I'm greeting T-101 and MaLaTo

See Ya


Wednesday, October 3, 2001
Nah i don't think he's that bad outside the ring man. That's true, why do people always gotta judge so quick, that's only the media they're seein and hearin, These days they're full of shit...Ah well who knows...
That's my piece

One Luv

Tuesday, October 2, 2001
yeeeeah_baby@hotmail.com, http://ammo.at/hiphop
hell yeah i think he is, dammit 3 strikes & ur out, that buck toothed, ear biting, dumb ass is bout 2 get his ass cheeks polished :p

"You are guilty until proven guilty"

"You are guilty even if ur innocent" <--- :/

Tuesday, October 2, 2001
Face it, the blokes got issues.
not prison, But an asylum.

case to tha whun, Monday, October 1, 2001
case_one@start.com.au, http://case.one.com
Its hard to tell, Im not a boxer fan so I dont know even what he is like IN the ring rofl, but if he is on 3RD rape charge it seems like he might be guilty, I really dont know..

'You are guilty intill proven Innocent'

'You are Innocent intill proven Guilty'

    Shout Out    
    Author: Throughout being on oz.org for quite a few years been in various channels rave etc.. but when the hiphop wave came back I was surprised that a hiphop channel didn't exist being alone the odd person came and quit as there was no action.

[20:17] *** Al13n (buztronic@co3412583-a.blktn1.nsw.optushome.com.au) has left #hiphop
[20:17] *** Al13n (buzztronik@co3412583-a.blktn1.nsw.optushome.com.au) has joined #hiphop

As time moved one I finally got some people who'd join me in support of the channel and to finally have a Hiphop chat channel on irc.. why should rave get all credit the hiphop scene is even bigger these days, and as I've grown with Hiphop so has my understanding of it, its bigger then rap its a various group of people, whether your on the streets to a mother house wife HipHop exploits today's politics and reveals reality to the depths.

I'd like to thank those that have stayed by and kept the place a lively and social channel to talk in. Maddie, Malato, Case, Shruggz, Syntax, GodofWar, Pengo, Tinox, Cokecan, Tallguy, Shruggz & anyone else that also hangs out with us and hasn't been mentioned full respects to you, we're going to grow and be one of the entertaining places on irc and always there for you.
I'm gonna kick the ass of the bitch who didnt mention me in the shoutout section...
really im gonna hurt ppl and break things






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